Jephter Akaehie

Jephter Akaehie is an inspiration.

Born into a family on a drizzling September night in the city of Owerri, the young Jephter had a promising life ahead of him all planned out for him.

Popularly called Coach Jeph, Mr Akaehie is a young, passionate and dynamic youth as well as a published best-selling author of two mind-blowing books Life’s Inevitable Dangers and The Power to Change Now. He has also recorded a motivational audio CD titled Challenged to Succeed and is an accomplished speaker par excellence whose driving force is his belief in possibilities, change and making positive impact everywhere he happens to be.

These accomplishments didn’t come easy though. The young Jephter has had to overcome some pretty stiff challenges in his time. For starters, he came from a family where it was the general principle to do what you were told to do- as opposed to following your dream. As a result, he found himself pushed to study Pure Sciences which he had no passion for he actually had an aversion to mathematics. After that, he spent several years battling with the University Tertiary Matriculation Examinations UTME in order to gain admission into a Higher Institution. But he was bent on making the best out of his life despite the difficulties.

As a result of being coerced into doing what he didn’t want to do, Jephter began to show resentment and anger towards his parents. But he soon figured out they were not his problem and that the problem was him. He figured out that all he needed was to change who he was to get what he wanted! So he began working on himself and his emotions.

Despite all these, however, Jephter has led an inspiring and completely motivating life. Going ahead to conquer difficulties as they come and overcome challenges that face him, he decide early in life that in spite of whatever adversities that may come, he would lead an intentional life and one that would lead to fulfillment.

He wrote his first book Life’s Inevitable Dangers just after secondary school. He had no support and no funding and had to cope with people scorning his dreams but he was determined to go ahead. The book sold a thousand copies within the first three months. For a country with comparatively few readers and a debut author, that was a magic feat.

Early this year, he launched to more definite waters of Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking and has been moving at the speed of light. He has carved a niche for himself and has become a sought-after facilitator and trainer. He has organized several high-profile conferences and consistently uses the online social media to reach to thousands of people daily and bless them with ever fresh and insightful real-time advice and relevant encouragement.

But for him, this is just the beginning. He has some immense plans for the near future and sees enormous possibilities.  working on an IMPACT conference for the youths taged “MAKE IT HAPPEN” coming up next year and many other plans are on the drawing board!


He would want to be remembered for “the love he has for God and his service and impact to the vast of humanity to whom he contributed his all”

He enjoys singing, speaking, researching on the internet and reading (a few of his personal favourites include Awaken the Giant Within– Anthony Robbins and The Success Principles– Jack Canfield).

He has some words for us “It’s not what happens to you that makes the difference. It’s what you do with what happens to you. Anybody can do ANYTHING but remember, you can’t do EVERYTHING. Find your gift and maximize it.”

Did I mention that he is just 23?


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