The World Needs Mad Men

How can something heavier than air float in air? You’re mad to even think of that!
The Wright brothers went ahead anyway… The aeroplane was born.

What in God’s name are you going to find in space?! You’ll die in seconds- meteors’ll wipe you out!
Neil Armstrong proved them all wrong, tramped all over their pessimism, and walked on the moon.

What?! You’ll be mad to do that! If a white man gets on a bus you must stand up for him to sit! But Rosa Parks sat to bring an end to oppression and apartheid… Because she sat, Martin Luther King Jnr walked. Because he walked, Obama could run. Because he ran we can soar!

You must be crazy! No one goes there- infact people’re looking for a way to get out! And YOU want to go and LIVE there? Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Theresa) went ahead anyway… dedicated 45 yrs of her life to caring for the poor, sick, needy, and dying; won a Nobel prize; and affected the world positively.

You’re high! A computer in every home?! That’s preposterous and unworkable! William Gates stubbornly forged ahead with his dream and became the world’s richest man.

Indeed, the world needs mad men who’ll
– despise the status quo and challenge the prevalent
– acquire immortality and defy death with their deeds
– straddle the blurry divide between sanity and lunacy
– realise that their reach should be greater than their grasp
– discover that in the confines of comfort and the familiar dwells nonentities
– not wish for tasks equal to their powers but pray for powers equal to their tasks
– witness transcendental ascension into the realms of ‘abnormality’ to seek solutions to knotty perplexities that defy conventional resolutions
– set out to do the ordinary in the extraordinary way and end up stamping their names in the Hall of Fame
– forever have blazing eyes and burning hearts for ‘something better than this’



AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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