What Does The Picture Say?


So the prophet stood there bewildered.

Here in front of him were 7 young men. Without a doubt, all 7 young men were fine specimens of handsomeness, health and vitality. With rippling muscles, biceps and six-packs beneath their robes, they were quintessential of what he had had in mind when he had been asked to come to visit. But he had heard the words very clearly, These ones are not chosen!

Surely, there must be a mistake somewhere. He had asked for Mr Jesse O. to bring all his sons. And these were all his sons. How could Jehovah say none of them was chosen? Somewhat embarrassed, he asked Mr Jesse, Are these all your sons? I’m sorry, I mean, these are all fine, young men and they look pretty disciplined and like potential leaders but… none of them have been chosen.

It was then that Mr Jesse remembered he had a son out in the fields, tending rams. And they sent for him. Enter, young master David Jesse. Yes, he is the chosen one! Anoint him! the voice said. And that was how Prophet Samuel anointed David the next king of Israel. Immediately, King Saul dropped dead. That was how David ascended the throne and became king of all Israel. Is that how it happened? Definitely not.

I mean to bring out 3 important points from the story.

Lesson #1: God saw a king where Jesse saw a shepherd boy.

When Mr Jesse was asked to bring out his sons so that they might sacrifice to the Lord, Jesse obviously didn’t think it fit to bring David along. Whether it was because he thought David was going to be more useful tending sheep than he was going to be in the place of offering or because he didn’t consider David important enough to stand with him, I don’t know. I do know, however, that at a critical point, David had been written off by the most important man in his life- his own father.

There are Jesse’s in our lives, whose opinions we respect and whose judgement we accept as final. And then, at a certain point, a great opportunity comes up in an area we want badly, or a promotion is coming to our department, or someone is going to be asked to represent the school somewhere, or that important person is giving away a multi-million Naira contract… and we naturally expected that we would be called upon. But we got skipped over. It can hurt. Really bad. We feel betrayed. Especially coming from that important person. If they couldn’t see it in us, then perhaps it isn’t in us after all. But it is important for us to understand that while someone is busy thinking that you’re only fit for tending rams, God has better plans for you. The immortal, all-knowing God is still in the business of seeing Kings where mortal, limited Jesses see only common shepherd boys.

Lesson #2: God told WHAT would happen. He didn’t say HOW it would happen.

Immediately David was anointed, it is recorded that ‘and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward’. But physically, what happened to David? Firstly, he went right back to the field to tend rams and fight wild animals. He went right back to the place from where he had come. There was no apparent change in his circumstances. The promise had been made. The fulfilment was yet to come. And the present was not different. David was still a shepherd boy. I am made to understand that 13 years passed before David saw kingship. David was 30 before he first reigned as king- and that was only over Judah. It took another over 7 years before he reigned over the whole of Israel. Between Revelation and Reality, there is space and time. David might have expected that he be made king immediately. When that didn’t happen, however, that shepherd boy didn’t lose hope. God had said it and it would surely come to pass.

Something great has been seen about your future. It is written. It is a promise. And it is the nature of the One who gave that promise to speak of things to come as though they have happened. Don’t judge your anointing by your circumstance. Sometimes, they might be saying two very different things. Eventually, though, anointing always wins over circumstances if you will just believe.

Lesson #3: What does the picture say?

When David was anointed king, he must have seen himself sitting on a throne, surrounded by subjects and leading in God’s way. That was what the picture said.

When he went into the field and saw rams and ewes running around the place, when all he could smell was sheep dung, when he faced a hungry lion and a fierce looking bear, he brought up the picture mentally and discovered that both scenarios weren’t in consonance. This wasn’t what the revelation said. This wasn’t what the anointing was meant for. He didn’t settle, he kept moving.

When he was brought to the palace to play the lyre for the troubled King Saul, he again brought out the picture. It very nearly resembled what the picture was saying, after all, he was in the palace. But in the picture, he was the king, not playing for the king. He didn’t settle, he kept moving. When he faced Goliath on the battle field, he brought up the picture. It didn’t say anything about him dying as a dog on a battle field. He didn’t settle, he kept moving.

When he was pursued up and down the place by King Saul, when he had to act as a mad man to escape capture, when he hid in all sorts of caves, when he led a band of homeless men, when acute hunger forced him to eat bread reserved for priests, in all these, he looked at the picture he had been shown. As long as where he was didn’t agree with where God had shown him in the picture of his future, He didn’t settle, he kept moving.

If you have a picture of your future, a picture that God has shown you, hold on to it tight. In those times, when things don’t seem to be going right, it will serve as a beacon.

If the picture shows you as the owner of your company but right now you’re working for an evil boss who seems bent on making your life a living hell, don’t settle, keep moving. If the picture shows you as a happily married person with great kids but right now you’re having issues of all kinds, don’t settle, keep moving. If the picture shows you speaking to millions but right now you’re talking to bored kids who don’t seem the least bit interested in listening to you, don’t settle, keep moving.

If it doesn’t look like it, that’s because you aren’t there yet. So don’t settle. Keep moving.

In that place of men making tomorrow happen today… I hope to see you!

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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