God Bless Nigeria?


Quite recently, especially in the crescendo leading to the 50th year anniversary celebration, I have noticed an increased wave of hypernationalism. Everyone praying for Nigeria. Everyone believing in Nigeria. Everyone confessing positive things and hoping for a greater 50 years ahead. Everyone, that is, except for those chronic, die-hard pessimists who’d see evil in an angel, and smirk in the face of glaring evidence. I’ve long learned to leave those people to their eternal folly. As a staunch believer in the Project Nigeria, I do not entertain a doubt about the imminent explosion into global relevance that Nigeria would experience in no time now, but when i see patriotism like i have witnessed recently, I become surer that Nigeria INDEED will be great.

Now, I have also noticed a lot of ‘God bless Nigeria’ floating all around the place and this is where I experience a shift, however slight, from this tide.

What really is ‘God bless Nigeria’? A wish? A prayer? A hope? A belief? A refrain? Whatever it is to you, to me it’s total hogwash! Okay, I can feel some hackles rising already… but hey, the last time I checked, the Nigerian 1999 constitution Section 39 Subsection 1 & 2 still protects my right to free speech and expression! You may not fully agree with me but an open mind dictates that you hear the other side out. Please stay with me.

With over 250 ethnic groups, 371 tribes, 521 languages, Nigeria is definitely the melting pot of a rich cultural heritage and ethnic diversity- inspiration at every corner to the observant eye.

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

With over 925, 768 sq km of largely arable land fit for agriculture and animals, flora and fauna all in one land, Nigeria is one huge deposit of biodiversity.

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

150+ million people, making us most populous in Africa and 8th in the world, with so much talents in every imaginable sector producing the Soyinkas, Durotoyes, Adesanyas, Dayo Asiwaju Israels, Chimamandas, Tricia Adaobi Nwaubanes, Sesans, Achebes and then of course the emerging wonders of the world the Akindamolas, Nwagas, Adeyemis, Neyes, TaulPauls, Kolawoles, Aghoghos, Amusans, Josephs… (multiply these by only one million and have an idea! MIND BOGGLING!) and these are only a few of the ones i know- ALL IN & FROM NIGERIA!

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

Natural Gas, Crude oil, gold, lead, bauxite, tin, coal, iron ore, zinc, limestone, and even the yellow cake, uranium! All in Nigeria!

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

Listed in the Next-Eleven, N11 (one of only two in Africa) by Goldman Sachs (a global economic authority), as an emerging economy that would be one of the biggest alongside the BRICs, the potentials are mind-numbing! (if you haven’t heard about this please educate yourself and read up on it)

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

Ever heard of Hurricane Ndubuisi, or Cyclone Halimat, or earthquakes, or tsunamis, or volcanic eruptions, or floods that displace millions, or natural fires of catastrophic proportions in Nigeria?

No! No! No! Don’t tell me ‘God bless Nigeria’. God HAS blessed Nigeria!

I could go on and on…

Where we find ourselves is not a result of God placing a curse on us, or God not blessing us sufficiently (some would even say He’s too partial in favour of Nigeria). Where we find ourselves is a result of our own doing. We don’t see the blessings. Or maybe we wilfully ignore them, choosing to see problems instead of prospects. Or just maybe we’re deliberately misusing and abusing the blessings. Where we are is a result of our actions. You’re asking how? You’re asking what you did? Okay, that’s exactly my point. Where we are is a result of our INACTION!

Poju Oyemade said God creates once and the created multiplies itself. God has blessed us and these blessings constantly multiply themselves. Whether or not we see the blessings and align ourselves with them or not is our choice.

God bless Nigeria? What blessing are we asking for again?

Did someone say Nigeria has no good leaders? Confusing and myopic statement! Do you mean there are no good leaders IN Nigeria? Or that there are no good leaders OF Nigeria? The former is the greatest lie invented in human existence. The latter is our own fault. Did you vote in the last election? What did you do to make your vote count? Apart from saying ‘God bless Nigeria’ all over the place or laying heaps of unprintable curses on anything Nigerian, or writing the second book of Lamentations?

2011 is another year. Make it count.

In that place of movers and shakers, Nigerian Content, Global Brand…, I hope to meet you.

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t

[First published on Facebook, October 15th, 2010]


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