Once Upon A Pig


Once in a land there lived a man, Mr Masters. He had a pet that he was quite fond of. This wasn’t just any pet. This pet was a pig. And this wasn’t just any pig. This pig had power. Or more precisely, it gave its owner immense power to control people and make them do his bidding.

However, circumstances arose which made it imperative that Mr Master and his family of Masters had to go back to his land- he wasn’t from this land. He was from the queen’s land. As he prepared to leave, he put the pig in the care of the people of the land.

Now, the people of the land had never hitherto had as much power as the pig had to offer, that type of far-reaching, intoxicating thing called power of such magnitude. A select few of the people of the land took charge of the pig and assumed the name Mr Rulers. They had the pig. They had power. They were intoxicated. They misused power. It didn’t take long to deduce that these select few, not only were clueless, but also had no direction, no purpose, no vision.

Then the khaki boys struck. They claimed to want to stabilise and direct the errant, rudderless ship of governance. They only succeeded in making the situation worse. They too got intoxicated with the power the pig had to offer and they grew ruthless, really ruthless. They used the power to oppress and inspire fear. They professed that they wanted to sanitise the pig but just got it dirtier.

For approximately five years, the pig knew neither lasting peace nor stability. The Mr Rulers’ wrestled for it. The khaki boys killed for it. It was hijacked and restored several times. No wonder it grew dirtier and dirtier. That was when the secret was discovered by the selected few. The dirtier the pig became, the dirtier the power it gave to the select few and the less the people of the land had. So they helped it get dirtier and they got more powerful, and got more intoxicated, and helped it get even dirtier still… an evil cycle had been born.

Now, you must know that pigs are wont to get wet in order to keep their body temperature down. It is in their nature to seek avenues to do this even if it means wallowing in mud. The Mr Rulers knew that if the pig was kept in a clean place where it wouldn’t have access to dirt, it would have no option but to remain clean, but they didn’t want that. They supplied more and more dirt and sought innovative ways to get more dirt I the shortest possible time. There were some people of the land who watched with keen interest and were less than not satisfied with what they were seeing. They decided to fight their way in so they could ‘liberate’ the pig. Alas, as it turned out that, only a few made it in. And those few ended up being ‘liberated’ from any sense of decency they had had. They joined in the morass.

The collective liberation of the people was hinged on getting the pig liberated and clean. The million dollar question was “who will clean the pig?”

The situation seemed downright hopeless.

Amongst the people of the land, there was a smaller group- The People of The Book. These people it was who had the key to liberation in their hands. In their very hands, in their Holy Book lay principles for sound governance. But they were either totally ignorant or wholly unwilling. They were plagued with the contradictory ideas that “something should be done” and “nothing can be done”. So they resigned themselves to suffering on earth and enjoying in heaven. And while they lived under this delusion, they usually got the worst end of the bargain.

It is common sense to know that to get that pig clean and ensure it stays clean, someone had to get into the sty. Someone had to get dirty, nay, some people had to get dirty. Pigs don’t wake up one bright morning and decide to oink their way to personal hygiene. It must be wrested from the slum, cleaned up, moved to a clean habitat and constantly and vigilantly watched. Common sense- that, sadly, wasn’t common.


It could have the other way round but they chose to be fatalistic, not realistic; pessimistic, not having faith; blind, not hopeful; wishful, not zealous; ‘prayerful’, not passionate; clinging, not sacrificial…

And, because they chose this path, the situation will only get worse and they will live and die as slaves when they could have ruled and reigned as kings and man-gods’…

…unless they seize responsibility.

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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