The New Nigerian


I am a firm believer in the very real possibility of The New Nigeria. I believe strongly in a better Nigerian nation. I believe in the emergence of Nigeria as a global force to be reckoned with. What’s more, I do not see this as a vision only attainable in 1000 years’ time. I see it as attainable within this generation and I’m too busy doing my part, adding building blocks, too busy to listen to the descendants of Sanballat and Tobiah whose sole mission is to detract and scorn. This isn’t idle dreaming or wishful thinking, it isn’t the kind of hope that shirks responsibility neither is it the kind of faith that shies from facts.

I know for sure that we have ALL it takes to move this country from its ‘failed state‘ status to a ‘World Power‘ status.But however optimistic I choose to be, I am NOT blind to Nigeria’s biggest problem.

Many scholars and experts have postulated long-winded theories and technical opinions on Nigeria’s hydra-headed problems. I, gladly, don’t share their enthusiasm in complicating an already complicated issue which, in turn, often compounds existent problems without offering solutions. Without being simplistic, in my informed opinion, Nigeria’s biggest problem is Nigerians.No matter how hard I try to seperate them, I can’t seem to succeed- The New Nigeria is not a distinct possibility without The New Nigerian. Those who have laid the bulk of the blame at the threshold of the corridors of power, hinting at ‘bad leadership’ as Nigeria’s hugest problem have come quite, but not entirely, close to laying their finger correctly on the primary causative agent of our often bemoaned woes.

Say what you will, every real problem we face can be ultimately sourced to be of human origin, not furnitures, machines or abstract concepts such as curses, jinxes or hexes.

Nigeria’s biggest problem is Nigerians. Then again, Nigeria’s biggest solution would be The New Nigerian.

So, who is The New Nigerian instrumental to The New Nigeria?

~>>The New Nigerian is that one (man, woman, boy, girl, artisan, corporate professional, farmer, doctor, vulcaniser, CEO, whoever) that has been ethically re-engineered in goal-oriented THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS which seek to co-harmonise with a common national ethos.

A critical look at this definition begs the questions, ‘What national ethos? Do we even have one? What is it?’These questions will be adequately answered. But first, the three main ingredients of The New Nigerian.


Though not sufficient in itself alone, thoughts are most definitely a starting point of lasting change. It is possible to think big, act small and yet get little or no results but it is virtually impossible to think small and get big, lasting results. THOUGHTS ARE THE CLEAREST INDICATION OF THE PROGRAMMED INSTRUCTIONS ON WHICH THE HUMAN BODY RUNS. The New Nigerian has re-engineered his thoughts positively to ‘see’ what can ‘be’, and work towards converting the VIRTUAL to the VISUAL. He thinks quality, he thinks excellence, he thinks innovation, he thinks national pride in rich heritage, he thinks possibilities, he thinks THE NEW NIGERIA.


A close follow up of thoughts are words. The Christian bible states ‘…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’. The religious and spiritual have long known what science has just recently proven- There is immense power in words. The New Nigerian doesn’t, for the sake of being ‘realistic, factual and unbiased’, open his mouth as prophet of doom and spew imprecations on the country, its leaders and its citizens. He is a man of faith that ‘speaks things that be not as though they be’ and calls forth desired changes with appropriate words. He is not careless with words. He is an apostle, evangelist and missionary of positive change all rolled into one. He speaks positive in and out of season. He tells everyone who cares to hear that, not only would Nigeria be better, but also that he would contribute his own quota. He speaks words that unify diverse efforts into one powerful, convergent whole. He speaks THE NEW NIGERIA.


Beyond thinking and speaking, The New Nigerian acts. He understands The Grand Futility Equation:


He consistently seeks to act, but not for the simple sake of acting. He understands that actions which yield the greatest results are those which are done in areas of strength. So he finds his area of strength and maximum impact and works conscientiously there. He is a shrewd investor in the business of positive change and views his actions as investments which he must follow up until they yield the desired, multiplied returns. He models THE NEW NIGERIA.

With this army of THE NEW NIGERIAN, THE NEW NIGERIA is closer than we think.


AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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