Dance Of The Mad

He stares unseeing
He sits unfeeling
A tear finds the familiar crevices
and snakes down, down, down
Chased by another, and another
leaving their trails behind

He is the object of smirks
He is the subject of derision
They mutter his name and spit
it is akin to a curse
Sly glances cast his way,
Trodders give him a wide berth

He has been fired
by the fervour of ambition,
by the exercise in futility
by the totality of hopelessness
and now he is driven
by the desperation of rage

How dare
How dare the elements?
How dare
How dare the polloi?
How dare
How dare the society?
How dare
How dare his parents?

But his eyes are opened
and he sees
The shadow that blocks the light
is his eyelid
The obstacles that stand in his way is he

The problem
is he
The solution
is he

And with the revelation
comes revival

His feet beat a tattoo on the ground
to the conga of his heart beat
His fingers begin to tingle
as his eyes are further opened

It is the battle of wills
It is the conquering of mountains
It is the adventure to the wild
It is the ascension to the heavens

He casts off restraints
He shakes off the fetters of conformity
And he begins the dance
The Dance of The Mad

His hands weave wonders
from the fabric of the invisible
His feet trace the intricate navigation
through the hidden Dimension

His body twists and turns as he looks around
He has torn the Veil
and seen the sights
that had been there all along.
There had been miracles all around
waiting to be discovered

See him, see him dance
Behold as he soars, as he rides the winds
and looks down at the mutterers
vanquished by their state of inertia

They point and sneer
“He’s loony,” they say
But he flies higher
He wouldn’t give this up for anything
This is freedom
This is immortality
This is insanity without apology
This is The Dance of The Mad

When he touches earth
it is to build Monuments
that would conquer Time
and then off he goes again
To ‘The Realm’

Where the only inhabitants
are those who have mastered the dance
The Dance of The Mad.

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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