Rampage Of The Ignorantors

In the twilight at dawn,
Eclipse of aurora,
While men lingered at the gates
Of fantasy
Stirring but clinging,
To quilted covering,
The Ignorantors invaded.

Some stealthily creeping
Some in Trojan-horse hidden
Some screaming, charging
Some smiling benignly
Dressed in black cassocks
Stiff white squares against eternally stuck apples.

Fruit of deception at earth-break,
Façade over putrid, sepulchrish proclivities
The Ignorantors they came.
Holy book in hand,
Evil genius in mind,
Catholic aspirations, pious-countenanced
They came with but one intent,
To make slaves of ill-discerning hois.

Promise-cheese in man-trap,
Spring of vassalage artfully hid,
With neat little phrases, they sold the afterlife
Bigger down-payment, larger up-mansion
Sold prosperity
Sold healing
Sold redemption
Because they had
Sold their souls.

Their forebears killed the messengers
Now they would kill the message.
Rampaging, pillaging
Wasting, spoiling
Building monuments
On the cluelessness of the ‘baa-ing’
The Ignorantors they rampaged.

N.B IGNORANTORS is a coinage which means the GUARANTORS of IGNORANCE.


AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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