Threads Along The Benue

Thread along the Benue
Thread across the Niger
Mother was sown with the
Thread across the rivers,
Though her heart was out of it

Doctor albino charged in
On his metal horse
Needle held aloft
Fire-spitting needle

Prognosis without diagnosis
Albino with a cold
Poked and jabbed
Prodded and stitched
Members from unwilling donors

Mother is come of age
Growing old; not growing up

Once, she cut her nose
To spite her face
Then tried to break her legs
For ‘they couldn’t speak’, she said

Tried to eat her head several times
Then foolishly raced after shadows
While trying to lose her own

The threads that hold up mother
Now unraveling at the seams
What shall we do with mother?
And the threads across the rivers?

AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t


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